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Oblivion Moss 
Tiny ooze, unaligned  

Damage Immunities All damage except Fire & Cold 

Condition Immunities All  

Senses *see Intellect Sense 

Challenge 1/4 (50xp)

Armor Class     5

Hit Points         2 (1d4-1)

Speed              0ft.

Intellect Sense The oblivion moss can sense the exact location of any creature within 60 ft, with an intelligence score above 8.

Fire & Cold Susceptibility Any fire or cold damage dealt to the moss immediately destroys it. 


Spell Drain As an action, the oblivion moss may attempt to steal a spell from a caster it can sense within 15 feet. The target must make a DC 16 Intelligence Saving Throw. On a failed save, the target cannot cast that spell until he finishes a long rest, and the Oblivion Moss gains the ability to cast that spell once. A single oblivion moss can only know one spell in this way at a time. 

Cast As an action, the oblivion moss may cast a spell it has stolen with the spell drain ability. When casting a spell, the moss mimics the verbal and somatic components by creating a small animated effigy of the creature the spell was stolen from. The Oblivion Moss has a spell attack bonus of +4, and a spell save DC of 15.